Meet your new, all-in-one caregiving assistant.

No more paper trail or sticky notes! Training Videos, Schedule and live Care Notes – a single place to train for all in-home caregivers.

Features that matter

Care Trainr is the modern solution for continuous caregiving. Built from the ground up by a dedicated team of care professionals, this app was designed to provide both families and professionals with a simple, easy-to-use, and convenient way to communicate and coordinate the highest quality care for their loved ones and patients.

Training Videos

Giving your loved ones uninterrupted care is important. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever.

What better way to guide a new or returning caregiver than to show them how you do it?

From how to prepare your mother-in-law’s favorite soup to how to change a respirator tank, Care Trainr offers a way for you to show your new caregivers exactly what your loved one needs, so they will feel like you’re there—even if you have to be out of the house.


Appointments, social events, meal times, and bed times can be a lot to keep track of. Care Trainr takes your loved one’s daily care routine and puts everything in one convenient place.

The app makes use of simple, easy-to-use calendars which allow you to add, remove, and adjust appointments in seconds. There is also the option to provide extra details to make sure your caregivers never miss a beat.


The health and care of your loved one is a priority, and we’ve made a focused effort to make sure your caregivers will be able to quickly and easily access to the information they need.

With Care Trainr, all of your loved one’s caregivers—whether new or returning—can access and update care notes to ensure consistent, thoughtful, and purposeful care.


Less than $1 a day saves you the hassle of training new caregivers. ​

It can give you the peace of mind that your loved one will be taken care of with the same tenderness and warmth that you do, each and every day.
Schedule it!

Doctor’s appointment coming up?

With the calendar feature, your loved one’s caregivers have access to the schedule that you create. Manage appointments and add activities with specific details such as addresses or directions, and caregivers will get the memo.

The same care across the board.

Review notes on the go.

With the Notes tool, you and every caregiver has access to live, up-to-date  care notes. Think of it as a database for all the details regarding your loved one from caregiver to caregiver, so everyone can stay in the loop.


" It’s hard to provide the best-possible care when I don’t know anything about the patient, their condition, or home. "

Mike M — Founder & Caregiver

Coming to the Appstore

January 2022

We will reach out with a link to download.