Simplicity in mind, care at its core.

Providing thoughtful, purposeful care should not have to be a chore. Set up a profile for your loved one in minutes, and set up your caregivers with a plan for success.

Create a Profile

Share your loved one’s story with a unique profile that your caregivers can connect with. What are some of their favorite activities? What kind of music do they like? What is their diet? Do they take special medication? These are all things that will help prepare your new and returning caregivers to provide a thoughtful and complete experience.

Update Calendar

Have complete control in managing and monitoring your loved one’s recurrent daily care routine.

Is there a special doctor’s appointment coming up? Add it to the Care Trainr calendar in seconds, from the convenience of your phone. Your caregiver will receive a notification, to make sure they never miss a beat.

Training Videos

Sometimes the best way to prepare a new caregiver is to show them what to do! Videos of care procedures like meal prep, equipment assembly and maintenance, and house guides are a great way to prepare any caregiver to provide the best service.

The best part? Your videos can be re-used for multiple caregivers, so your loved one’s care will always be consistent and complete.

Live Notes

Review and respond to notes from your caregivers in real time, so everyone stays in the loop.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all the key information about your loved one’s care is in one place, and easily accessible when you need it the most.

For Families

Never go into a new home unprepared again. With Care Trainr, all of your training material will be in one convenient location, complete with appointment schedules, patient information, and more!

For Caregivers

Never go into a new home unprepared again. Find all of your training material in one place with access to appointment schedules, contact information, and more.

Privacy and Security?

We’ve considered everything.

Access Control

Quickly and easily manage who can see your loved one’s profile and care information.

With Care Trainr, you get to manage which caregivers have access to what information, and when.


It is our priority that both patients and caregivers remain safe while using our platform, and it is one that we take very seriously.

Care Trainr is HIPPA compliant. Secure transactions and two-factor verification allows us to keep all of your and your loved one’s personal information private and secure.


CareTrainr uses advanced encryption to ensure you, your loved one, and your caregivers remain safe and protected when using the platform.

Only those caregivers you have invited to use the app can access or view your loved one’s care information.

Approved by professionals that care.

That’s why we built CareTrainr – to improve the overall quality of in-home care for all our loved ones. Thanks to people like you, our mission is becoming a reality.


I LOVE to know the history of the patient—it’s really important to me. It helps me connect with them when they are lost.


– Kari Carrol,

Caregiver for over 30 years


Being able to see notes from the morning shift caregiver allows me context for what to do and what NOT to do during my shift.


– Mike Michel,

Caregiver, Tallahassee, Fl

Coming to the Appstore

January 2022

We will reach out with a link to download.